Elect Chris Coleman to Victoria City Council and CRD Board

A Letter to Victoria Voters

Dear Victoria Voter,

For over four-and-a-half decades, Victoria has been my home. During this time I’ve been fortunate to be part of some very strong groups that have addressed local concerns and found community-based solutions. In this work, I’m proud to have been recognised as a voice of reason and balance. Over the next four years, I'm committed to bring this perspective to initiatives that:

  • continue to create affordable housing solutions for those facing a wide range of needs
  • provide safer streets, because no citizen should be afraid in their own City
  • promote Victoria as a growing market for the “Arts and Culture”, the “Sports and Recreation”, “High Tech” and “Tourism” economies
  • increase acceptable density to support greater residential capacity and economic vibrancy
  • continue to address a range of infrastructure needs including emergency preparedness and disaster response
  • slow the increase of the tax burden borne by both businesses and residents in the City
  • enhance the recognition of Victoria as a Provincial Capital
  • stress greater regional co-operation, or amalgamation, in order to avoid the unnecessary conflicts caused by civic boundaries.

For me to be successful, however, I need your support. On Saturday, October 15, 2022, please vote to elect Chris Coleman to Victoria City Council and to the CRD Board.

I thank you for your continued support.

Chris Coleman

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